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Weekly horoscopes for the week of December 26 by cup

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Zora Neale Hurston, a Capricorn.
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Early Thursday morning, Mercury retrograde do it again, this time Capricorn. Over the next three weeks, be sure to communicate clearly and intentionally, especially on matters related to work and long-term goals. Offhand remarks are more likely than usual to be misunderstood — your jokes taken too seriously, your genuine observations dismissed. If possible, heed Mercury’s classic retrograde warning to wait before signing contracts and making big commitments. Mistakes are inevitable, and when they happen, don’t assume the worst of people. We all have our days off. The more grace you extend to others, the happier they will be to extend it to you as well.

You’re not always good at holding yourself back, at going your own pace. When you have energy, you use it up. When you feel full of love, you give your all. As long as you have strength left, you continue. This week, however, the universe invites you to breathe, and the best thing you can do is answer the call. Don’t wait to take a break until there’s an emergency, until you’ve crashed to the ground. Don’t wait to fill your cup until it’s already empty. Rest now, even if you think you don’t need it.

You can barely contain your ardor for something new for starters: a job or a relationship, a phase of your life, the calendar year. You are more than ready to turn your back on the old and step into the fresh air of possibility. But just because you’re emotionally ready for change doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. At least, not quite yet. As difficult as it may seem, your job this week is to be patient. Trust that change will come soon, in its time. You don’t need to force it.

Recently you have been tormented by the feeling that there is something you are forgetting – a place where you are supposed to be and where you are not, a task on your to-do list that you have missed, an impending deadline at which you are likely to blow. It’s hard to stay organized and even harder to trust that your life is on the right track. This week, it’s worth making the effort to check your calendar, but beyond that, try not to worry too much. Remember everything you to have Achieved this year, the support you have offered to your friends, the projects you have carried out. If anything, you’re ahead of the game.

Most of the time, you are completely comfortable being the target of others’ difficult feelings. You are happy to listen to them pour out their emotions. When it comes to your own feelings, however, that’s another story. It’s your role – or so you imagine – to be the person others lean on. You wanna be the shoulder to cry on, not the person To do the cries. But this week, the universe is going to remind you that’s not how it works. We all need (and deserve) to express ourselves, to be supported. This includes you.

This week, you might be surprised to find yourself in a melancholy mood, perhaps dreaming of the past, of all the people you’ve loved and lost touch with. You might even find yourself missing those who never treated you particularly well, or who actively made your life worse — or at least more complicated — while they were at it. Part of you might want to seek them out, rediscover old feelings. If you do, you will almost certainly regret it. Enjoy the sweetness of rose memory, but let the past be gone.

Your beliefs, your desires and even your personality change over time – it’s part of being human. We grow and evolve. Over the past year, your experiences and relationships have changed you. The transformation is so gradual that it’s easy to miss – you’re busy living, not looking in the mirror. You rarely step back to see the big picture. So this week, reflect on where you’ve been. Give yourself credit for everything you’ve learned. You are wiser than you were this time last year. Now, will your new ideas shape the days to come?

Lately you worry that your world has become too small – your predictable thinking, your creativity well dried up, your most significant accomplishments behind you. This week you have the chance to shake off that fear. It’s easier than you think. You don’t need to move mountains, perform miracles, or change your whole personality. All it takes is a little discipline. When you commit to getting out of the house, reading, seeing new sites, talking to new people, your world grows and with it your sense of possibility.

It frustrates you sometimes that you can’t be completely independent. If you fully understand that human beings need each other, that no of us can go it alone, that doesn’t mean you to like relying on other people. You can’t stand feeling weak or in debt. This week, however, good things will happen when you lean on others, even when you ask for more help than is initially comfortable, or more than you think you deserve. People like to be needed. It’s not a burden, but a way to connect. Do not hesitate.

It’s usually easy for you to find projects, plans, or people you’re passionate about. The world around you is rich and strange, and there is always something new to pique your curiosity. This week, however, you may find it difficult to build excitement. Your imagination is slow; the ideas do not come. Do not wait for the good mood to be felt. You can’t always rely on inspiration to strike out of the blue. Instead, keep moving, creating, To do, even when it’s boring. Habit and persistence may not sound exciting, but when you feel uninspired, they can work their own surprising magic.

One of your great strengths is your refusal to become complacent. Where others can be satisfied with an effort, a result, a life simply quite well, you know you are capable of more, and you are not ready to settle. Remember that it is possible to go too far. If you’re always trying to stretch, to optimize, you’ll never have the chance to truly enjoy the here and now. You’ve worked hard to build a life you can be proud of. For now, stop thinking about ways to be better and congratulate yourself on everything you’ve already done.

As much as you cherish your independence and hard-won wisdom, lately you find yourself wishing you could trade it for a life without stress or obligations. You are tired of all the responsibilities, exhausted from always taking care of others. Just this time you want someone to step in and take care of you. This week, fatigue (physical or emotional) is inevitable, but that does not mean that you will inevitably be exhausted and misunderstood. Your friends will support you if you ask them to. Maturity doesn’t mean you have to manage it everything alone.

Rose-colored glasses can be comforting. It’s comforting to see only the best in people, to focus on what’s beautiful in your life and relationships, to ignore the cracks when they start to appear. It makes everyday life bearable. But this week, when you start feeling frustrated or sad, you’ll be better off being honest about it with yourself and the people you love. Allow yourself to recognize what is imperfect, express your dissatisfaction, set limits. You have gone to great lengths to build strong relationships. Trust that they are strong enough to withstand healthy conflict.

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