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Tribeca Burger | Two children and a dog were broken into

Two children and a dog were broken into

Two Kids and a Dog, the Greenwich and Warren toy store that opened in March, was burgled Tuesday night and the burglar made off with about $900 worth of merchandise. They entered by throwing a rock through the glass door and then helped themselves. The replacement of the door also costs $700.

“I am devastated by what is happening in the city,” says owner Natalia Jacobs. “I am a business owner and it pains me to pay $700 for a replacement windshield plus all stolen merchandise. Specially this month we try to make ends meet. Absolutely disturbing.”

Natalia owns our store and also another one on Pearl Street in Dumbo, which she opened in 2014.

She filed a police report, but when I checked with the NYPD press office, they didn’t have it, which is neither here nor there.

“I’m not sure what can be done,” she said. “It’s insane that this town has become where anyone can do whatever they want and nothing happens.”

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