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Top 10 Best Calendar Apps to Organize Your Life in 2023

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We’ve compiled a short list of the 10 best calendar apps for mobile devices so you can plan your year on both your smartphone and a web browser. Although we’re focusing on mobile calendars, many of them have web-accessible versions as well.

Although we’ve listed a few specific ones for particular needs, the list is largely generic calendar software. Some of them are paid or have paid premium features but majority of them are free. The idea is to have a solid selection to choose from and then you decide which one to use.

These are just our recommendations. If you think we missed any essential apps, please share them in the comment box so everyone can benefit. This will allow all readers who discover the article to also benefit from the expertise of our readers.

The best calendar apps in 2023

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

One of the most feature-rich calendaring tools available to you is Google Calendar. In fact, you can create layers in Google Calendar that look like multiple calendars, such as your work or vacation calendar, and then turn on or off the ones you want to show at once.

By centralizing your data via your Google account, this calendar allows simultaneous use on many devices. Also, since it’s a Google account, if you use Gmail or android, you can add your appointments and notes, set reminders and finally organize yourself according to your preferences. The calendar supports third-party apps to add additional functionality.

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Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar

Apple’s Calendar is the default on iPhones and Macs, as is Google’s Calendar on many Android phones. You can access this calendar for free by simply creating an Apple ID, and you can use it on any Apple device or online to keep it up to date.

You can use this calendar to take notes, save appointments that your phone reminds you of, and perform all other standard calendar tasks. In addition, it integrates the birthdays of your friends, but above all, it automatically adds the dates of events discovered in the messaging application or in iMessage. This creates an internal Apple ecosystem that allows to recognize appointments and automatically add them to the calendar.

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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Calendar is one of the features of Outlook, Microsoft’s email service, where you can add events manually or from the emails you receive. It’s a useful calendar where you can save anything you want and get alerts when your appointments are approaching.

Although the Microsoft calendar is one of the most complete calendars you can find, it may bother you because it does not have its own application and is only a tab in the application. Your Microsoft account serves as a central repository for all data, making it accessible from any device.

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Professional calendar software is ideal for users looking for a feature-rich yet streamlined experience. To use it, you must first register an account to allow it to function as a device and sync your data across all devices it is installed on.

The software includes all the features you’d expect from a calendar app, plus day, week, month, and year views to view and organize your homework. It is also integrated with some services like Zoom and Zapier. It has a simple design and you can use it for free, although there are payment plans available to add more possibilities.

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Any.do Calendar

The popular to-do and note-taking app Any.do also provides its users with a calendar app. Its concept is unique since it combines a calendar application and a notes application in a single application. Although there are fewer options than in other applications, it still has additional features to organize content as if it were a notes application.

Although the app is free, a paid version is available with more features, such as a quick shopping list shortcut. In addition, it is compatible with Google and Microsoft calendars, allowing Any.do to display content from these accounts in a uniform manner.

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tree of time

With social features like the ability to leave comments and likes, this is an app designed to let you share calendars with other people. Public holidays in 13 countries are included and you can take notes with or without dates, appointments and reminders.

This app is feature-rich, but you can’t sync them to your mobile device’s native calendar. Any changes you make will not sync to the main calendar on the device. But you can download the mobile calendar from TimeTree to use it in the app.

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Fantastical is one of the best calendars available only for Apple ecosystem users. Although it can be installed and used on iPadOS, iOS, and even watchOS, the app is primarily aimed at macOS users. Therefore, you can access it from anywhere.

Although it includes several features that are only accessible with one of its two premium subscriptions, its basic version is free. You can sync other external calendars in addition to adding an appointment, reminder or note to the calendar. With many other features. It also has a fantastic design and the ability to make smart suggestions or use focus filters.

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time page

calendar apps

We have another exclusive iOS app. It is developed by notepad and paper diary company Moleskine, which recently expanded to mobile apps. Your calendar app, TimePage, provides quick access to your events. The downside is that it’s only free during the trial period. After that, a subscription fee of a few dollars per month has to be paid.

The app’s basic, clean design lets you sync multiple calendars, switch between views with instant access to data, and use features like ephemeris, smart weather suggestions, and Siri compatibility.

a calendar

calendar apps

The aCalendar app is exclusively available on Android phones and has no intention of supporting iOS. An exclusive section for calendars, a yearly view to display all the events and appointments of the year, and a design using Google’s Material Design language are all features of this calendar.

The ability of this application to be personalized in different ways. So that you can adapt it to your preferences, this is one of its main selling points. There are also negative aspects. Including the need to pay $0.99 to add holidays or $3.99 for the full version.

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calendar apps

This is a completely new, completely free calendar app that offers a wide range of choices to help you manage your time. It allows you to synchronize your Microsoft or Google calendars. Giving you the ability to schedule meetings, create events, and set up workplaces.

Nook works with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for meetings so you can use whichever platform you choose. It is primarily designed for workgroups. Because it can identify whether each member is working on-site or remotely and speeds up meeting scheduling.

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