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Surterra supports the right of patients to grow their own medicine

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An effort to put a cannabis legalization measure on Florida’s 2024 ballot is already underway. However, given the restrictive nature of this legalization measure – it does not do enough to fairly grow the industry – many cannabis advocates, including myself and Surterra management, are shifting our energy to lobbying for the right of Floridians to grow their cannabis at home. . We’re calling on Florida’s legislative leaders to pass a measure allowing for house growth during their next legislative session, which begins in April.

There have been many debates over whether patients should be allowed to grow medicinal cannabis in the privacy of their homes. When the industry was in its infancy, Surterra’s initial position was that growing from home could undermine the legal cannabis market. Yet, over the past two years, we have learned that the data does not support this argument. Additionally, the benefits of home cultivation – including improved health, decriminalization, and access – are key markers for a healthy population and a healthy cannabis industry.