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Scare Yourself With The 7 Best Horror Movies Of 2022

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you: the best horror movies of 2022 will haunt your nightmares.


A woman goes to a small town for a job interview and rents a house to spend the night. It turns out that the house has been double-booked and a young man has already moved in. The male guest poses no threat: there are worse things to fear in the house.

Barbaric is one of the most uncomfortable and ghostly horror films to come out recently. As Men, He (2014), and The Babadook, Zach Cregger’s film examines the nature of human fear and how psychological trauma can ruin a person’s life – in particular, it serves as a peculiar parable of what a messiah complex can lead to if you don’t receive appropriate therapy for this. . The claustrophobic story will appeal to any viewers who shy away from Airbnb rentals. Another reason to watch Barbaric is to enjoy the performance of the charming Bill Skarsgård, who plays the other guest of the accommodation.


In 1918, a young woman named Pearl lives on a farm with her parents, waiting for her husband to return from the front. Unfulfilled dreams of a glamorous life awaken Pearl’s uncontrollable cruelty – so now she sets out to exact revenge on everyone she hates.

pearl is a prequel to Ti West’s retro slasher Xset in the free-spirited 1970s, which captivated viewers with its old-school aesthetic and stylish references to boogie nights. The prequel is no less spectacular X and tells the story of the farm owner played by Mia Goth (in the original film, she portrays both aging Pearl and her young “stand-in” Maxine). pearl is a heartbreaking tale of the failed actress living in isolation with her unloving or unsupportive family – and her attempt to escape drudgery and despair, with bloody consequences. The character has been dubbed the female (and more violent) version of Joker. In terms of style, Ti West’s film is both a vintage slasher and an original reimagining of The Wizard of Oz with many references to psychology. It’s one of the best horror movies of the year that is sure to surprise you.


Psychiatrist Dr. Rose Cotter is haunted by a demon she “contracted” from one of her patients – a smiling monster that makes people commit suicide. Now Rose must confront her troubling past to shake off the curse.

Smile is the debut work of director Parker Finn and one of the highest-grossing horror films of 2022. Sometimes compared to shimmer and the ring, this movie is extremely edgy and scary, with some of the scenes you’d want to forget as soon as you see them. Despite the abundance of jump scare moments and graphical content, Smile It delivers an important message that we need to take care of our mental health and support our loved ones when they are going through difficult times. SmileThe disturbing, almost unbearable atmosphere and a dark detective line will keep you captivated until the very last scene – if you dare to watch it until the end.


Aspiring actress Julia moves with her husband to Bucharest, where she discovers that she is being stalked by a stranger. Nobody believes Julia, thinking that the actress’ imagination is playing tricks on her, but the woman only becomes more fearful.

The Sundance horror film explores the theme of harassment as one of women’s greatest fears. Chloe Okuno Observer is a disturbing, paranoia-inspiring film that projects the character’s anxiety onto viewers, constantly having them looking over their shoulder, waiting for an unseen threat to strike. Maika Monroe’s character is watched by a mysterious stranger who follows her every step – which seems weird and unnerving, although it’s something that happens to many women every day. In this regard, Observer is far more meaningful than any standard horror movie about monsters and ghosts. As the character’s suffocating fear blurs the line between reality and phobia, audiences remain perplexed and captivated by the story until its violent climax.

Speak no evil

A Danish family spends a vacation in Italy, where they meet a nice Dutch couple. A while later, the new friends invite them over for a weekend, but their sweet reunion turns into a nightmare as the Danes try to stay polite in the face of heartbreaking misunderstandings.

Speak no evil is another must-see Sundance horror film. The Scandinavian psychological thriller is terribly uncomfortable and relevant in today’s society as it inspects excessive patience and politeness that lead to no good. There are no monsters or mysticism in the film, no life-threatening aliens or demons – just ordinary passive-aggressiveness and sadism. As the feeling of horror and violence builds with each scene, the ending brings another unsettling plot twist that turns the whole story upside down. Christian Tafdrup’s double-bottomed film is one of those images that leaves your psyche unsettled and broken for a while after watching it.

Bed rest

Julie, who has already lost a child, is pregnant again. She and her husband move into a new house, where she begins to suspect the presence of supernatural Forces which, according to Julie, could hurt her baby.

The psychological horror film, starring the new Scream star Melissa Barrera, is perfect for those who always close their eyes during scary (or not-so-scary) scenes or are simply tired of predictable horror storylines. In Bed rest, the monsters are the ghosts of the past and the main character’s post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the loss of her child. The film is based on real psychological conditions, such as postpartum depression and bereavement, which are seen through the prism of the supernatural horror genre. Bed rest It’s a very subtle and personal horror story that shows what can happen to a woman left alone with her disturbing trauma.


After the tragic death of her husband, Harper flees London to recover in a rural landscape. In the idyllic English countryside, woman begins to be haunted by men with identical faces.

The A24 movie topped lists of the best horror movies of 2022, earning praise from critics, viewers, and film media alike. Alex Garland’s Psychological Horror Film Echoes The Observer – but features a lot more symbolism and evokes more anxiety than Chloe Okuno’s production. It explores the same common theme of women being harassed and feeling unsafe because of their partner’s control disguised as affection and attention. Men uses metaphors anyone can understand (like Marilyn Monroe’s mask) to trigger fears that may trigger uncomfortable memories in some viewers. Overall, it’s a deeply moving and truly chilling story that you might find hard to watch.

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