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Milwaukee company hopes its new CBD treats can calm anxious pets

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From left, Tiera Trammell, Julien Phifer, Indigo, 1, and Delvante Tatum pose for a portrait on Saturday, August 1.  27, 2022, at Indigenous Peoples Park in Milwaukee, Wis.  The three friends created a start-up selling CBD-infused treats to pet owners.  The group connected in college.

The isolation many felt at the start of the pandemic sparked a wave of pet adoptions and a business idea between three friends.

Julien Phifer, Delvante “Dell” Tatum, and Tiera Trammell started a business creating CBD treats to help calm anxious animals in the area. Today, they want to develop their activity.

Two Birds One Stone is a holistic pet wellness startup that sells homemade products. CBD Oil Infused Pet Treats. Just like products available for human consumption, CBD oil is not the same as THCthe active ingredient in marijuana and does not cause a high.

It’s not that it kicks your dog out. It allows them to sit there and not be anxious, worrying about what’s going on in the house,” said Tatum, 30, who also owns a gecko lizard, two turtles and a Chihuahua mix. yorkie named Louie.

Tiera Trammell picks up the leopard gecko from Delvante Tatum on Saturday, August 1.  Feb. 27, 2022, at Indigenous Peoples Park in Milwaukee.  Three friends have created a CBD-infused pet treat for pet owners during the coronavirus pandemic.  A few flavors are Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Yams, Chilli, and Strawberry Frozen Treats.

The childhood friends already make edibles for themselves and knew that CBD oil works in both humans and pets thanks to research. The trio want to help pet owners understand that the health and well-being of their pets is directly linked to their own.

“When you live with your pet, your pet acts like you,” said Phifer, 29, owner of two American bullies, Kingsley and Indigo. “When you’re down, they’re down. When you’re up, they’re up. When your anxieties are at their peak – you may not be paying attention because you’re dealing with yourself – theirs are too.”