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iPhone 15 mini! Vote now for Apple to bring back the cheapest and smallest flagship iPhone!

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Five new iPhones instead of four! iPhone 14 Plus fails (also) – why can’t we get an iPhone mini too? Here’s why Apple should bring back the iPhone mini…

Of course, the fact that the iPhone 13 mini is my favorite iPhone means absolutely nothing to Applethat’s why I thought I’d ask our readers to vote and tell me and Cupertino whether bringing back the smallest iPhone since the iPhone 5 is a good idea or not…

But before you scroll to the bottom of the page and cast your vote, here are some of the reasons why Apple might consider reviving the iPhone mini…

Five new iPhones – let people choose!

The first and most recent argument I have is that the iPhone, which replaced the iPhone mini – the iPhone 14 Plus“tech people” also expected the iPhone 14 Plus to be a smash hit, thanks to the fact that it’s the first iPhone with a large 6.7-inch screen that costs less than $1,100, but… Apple was wrong, and so were we!

If Apple is thinking about keeping the iPhone Plus and that phone continues to sell poorly, I don’t see why there isn’t room for a fifth iPhone in the market. iPhone 15 line up!

An iPhone 15 range that looks like like that would make a lot of people happy…

  • iPhone 15 mini (5.4-inch screen, $699)
  • iPhone 15 (6.1-inch screen, $799)
  • iPhone 15 Plus (6.7-inch screen, $899)
  • iPhone 15 Pro (6.1-inch screen, $999)
  • iPhone 15 Ultra (6.7-inch screen, $1,199 – expected price for rumor iPhone 15 Ultra)

Sure, that could technically mean “two iPhones that don’t sell as many units as Apple would like”, but hey… Why not give people a choice? Unless there’s an iPhone Flip on the way? Wink wink. Probably not.

iPhone mini disappears; iPhone SE gets bigger; where is the little iPhone?

The following argument is not directly related to the iPhone mini. Actually, it has to do with another small iPhone, and that’s the iPhone SE 4!

Apple’s next special-edition iPhone is rumored to arrive with a 6.1-inch screen and thicker bezels, virtually replicating the design of the 2018 iPhone XR. The truly compact iPhone would disappear from Apple’s future lineup forever, leaving people with smaller hands and pockets hanging around.

Absent the tiny iPhone SE and truly compact iPhone mini, the smaller iPhone would become the iPhone 15, which is expected to retain its 6.1-inch screen size.

iPhones around the world are getting super expensive…

It might go without saying, but an iPhone 15 mini would be the cheapest flagship iPhone for anyone wanting to join the Apple party!

Before the release of the iPhone 14 series, it was exactly the $699 iPhone 13 mini that allowed people to get a taste of Apple’s flagship devices at the lowest possible price! However, with the arrival of the $900 iPhone 14 Plus, the most affordable and smallest iPhone people can buy has become the iPhone 14, which starts at $800.

What really doesn’t help is the fact that in 2022 iPhone prices outside of the US have skyrocketed. For example, the cheapest iPhone you can buy in Germany is now the vanilla iPhone 14, starting at €1,000!

Examples include the latest MacBook Pro which brings back old ports removed years ago, the new old Scissor Switch keyboard on newer MacBooks, and the Apple Pencil 2, which replaced the original (which had to be plugged into the port your iPad to… charge).

Now, the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t seem to be selling much better than the iPhone 13 mini, so I guess there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel! Nope?