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Curt Pires Launches New Sci-Fi Comic 'Indigo Children', With A Movie Adaptation Already In Development

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Imagine if David Fincher directed Stranger things. Do you picture that in your mind? Good.

Curt Pires – a member of this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 – aims to capture that tantalizing combination of creative sensibilities with his latest comic book: Indigo children. The new series, due out near Image Comics at the end of March, follows a group of people who believe they are of Martian descent. Gifted with supernatural abilities and hunted by unsavory factions, these Indigo children claim to have a mission of planetary proportions.

To go beyond that would be to invite spoilers into the conversation, but Forbes Entertainment can exclusively announce that the book (with illustrations by Alex Diotto and Rockwell White) has already been selected for a feature film, which is in the early stages of development of Alan Wake producer Jeff Ludwig.

This is Pires’ third creator-owned title to score a Hollywood deal afterward Youth (a comiXology Original in development as a series at Amazon
) and Wyrd (a Dark Horse published offering in development as a series at FX, featuring Perry Mason‘s Matthew Rhys set to star in the titular role).

“My intention with this book is to evolve and push this way of storytelling into the future,” he says Indigo childrenalso referring to the classic genre films directed by Steven Spielberg (think Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET) as an important source of inspiration. “It still retains all the awe and wonder and the humanism of its influences, but it bends it into new forms and pushes it to new frontiers.”

Check out two covers for the debut song below:

Pires reveals that the story started to take shape after he came across an interesting article on the Snapchat news feed, “which is basically ‘meet the 8-year-old genius who claims to be a reincarnated Martian,'” he recalled. “So of course I dive in and immediately become obsessed. The wheels start spinning because that’s just the way my brain works and I start imagining this big science fiction epic with a conspiracy/mystery core.

He brought the idea to Diotto (who previously worked with Pires on Youth) and two members of the Image Comics board of directors: Todd McFarlane (in addition to creating comic icons like Spawn and Venom, he also co-founded Image in the early 1990s) and Eric Stephenson (publisher and Chief Creative Officer at the company).

“It’s been three, almost four years since we’ve worked on this thing… and I can honestly say it’s the most perfectionist thing I’ve ever done on a project,” Pires concludes. “We wrote and rewrote scripts and tried to push things to the limit. Hopefully we succeed in that.”

Indigo children #1 goes on sale Wednesday, March 29 at Image Comics.