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Best Solo Quest Classes for WoW: Dragonflight

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Over the years, the popular MMO has streamlined its leveling process to push players faster into its end game. Despite this, there are annoying gaps in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, where you quickly level without gear to comfortably fight off leveling enemies. This issue is also exacerbated when playing a class that isn’t the best with single player content.

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Even when you’re at max level, there are still plenty of times you’ll need solo quests, like grinding for new reputations or weekly activities. If you’re a player who ignores the massively multiplayer aspect of the game and avoids late-game group activities, playing as an ideal class for single-player content will make your life easier.


6/6 Druid

World of Warcraft Libra Druid in Astral Form

Druids can upgrade to four diverse specializations encompassing all roles, including ranged and melee DPS. Balance Druids can clear mob fields by spreading their damage over time (DoT) with spells like Moonfire and Sunfire before bombarding them with Starfall. Druids are blessed with many useful abilities that can help them survive. For example, Entangling Roots can lock enemies in place, and Prowl allows you to turn invisible.

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However, Libra Druids need skill and preparation to reap the full effects. Meanwhile, Guardian Druids can roll their faces on the keyboard to achieve the same results. Guardian Druids are great at pulling in multiple mobs with Moonfire while increasing their movement speed with Stampeding Roar. Then you can easily manage groups using Thrash and Maul without worrying about dying from Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration.

5/6 Warrior

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Protection Warrior Character Creation

For those who want to constantly press buttons without having to think, there is no better class than warrior. Masters of melee weapons, Warriors are mobile classes capable of charging into battle with Charge and Heroic Leap. Once inside, they build up rage before spending it on powerful abilities like Rampage, then finish low health targets with Execute.

Warriors are also adept at ignoring blows to the face. Arms and Fury can grab multiple enemies while staying healthy, but a Protection Warrior could do that without a breach in their armor. A Protection Warrior is the best class if you want to mark and kill all the monsters you will need for the quest. When dealing with elite mobs, your single target deals damage, but you’ll eventually take them out through stubbornness and attrition.

4/6 Demon Hunter

World of Warcraft Vengeance Demon Hunter shapeshifted

A Demon Hunter has zero downtime due to its low cooldowns, reliable sustain, and innate mobility due to its ability to double jump and glide. You will have to do your best to die as Vengeful Demon Hunter, as most damage abilities also help you survive. Abilities like Fel Devastation and Soul Cleave allow you to hit multiple enemies while simultaneously healing yourself.

Havoc Demon Hunters share the same mobility and survivability, but can also melt mobs with burst damage. Eye Beam is a huge damage cooldown with a guaranteed critical hit on multiple targets; Even without it, Blade Dance is your main source of intelligence.

3/6 Monk

Wow: A pandaren monk standing in a field with a big animal

Who needs magic and weapons when you can defeat your enemies into submission? Questing through the Dragon Islands with a Monk is a breeze, as their abilities are efficient and comfortable. Windwalker Monks deal high damage with Rising Sun Kick and Strike of the Windlord. Faeline Stomp and Fists of Fury let you cleave multiple enemieswhile Expel Harm and Touch of Karma grant survivability to endure it.

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Monks can suppress rares and elites with Touch of Death, a finishing ability that deals massive damage to a single target. If you’re feeling underpowered, Celestials like Xuen, the White Tiger, will aid you in your quests. Finally, Monks are a mobile class due to Roll and Tiger Lust.

2/6 warlock

Warlock World of Warcraft Demonology with demons in Townlong Steppes

Sorcerers are spellcasters who harness the power of dark magic and demonic minions. You will have an easier time playing as an Affliction Warlock or Demonology Warlock for the leveling phase. The first stacks multiple DoT spells on enemies that affect their health. During quests, you can apply extended spells like Agony and Corruption before using Maleficent Rupture to spawn those ailments and deal additional damage. You can tag multiple mobs safely because your Voidwalker minion can take their aggro.

If you want roam the dragon islands With an army of demons at your side, you can specialize in Demonology Warlock. You can summon multiple demons at the same time with abilities like Summon Vilefiend and Call Dreadstalkers. Then you’ll augment your summon with abilities like Soul Strike and Demonic Strength to do your dirty work.

1/6 Hunter

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight - Combat Sniper Hunter

Not surprisingly, Hunters retain their title as the best solo class in the game. play alone in classic or retail, hunters don’t need friends as they can tame pets to accompany them on their adventure. The Dragon Islands are filled with helpful pets that can tank and fight for you; couple that with a hunter’s unrivaled single target damage, and they can kill elite mobs effortlessly.

A Beast Mastery Hunter takes full advantage of their pets, giving them abilities like Kill Command and Bloodshed. As their pets are more than capable of fending for themselves, Beast Mastery Hunters can tag other monsters with their innate mobility to shoot on the move. In a tight spot, hunters can leap back with Disengage, run with Aspect of the Cheetah, or stationary enemies with Freezing Trap. When all else fails, hunters can fake death to drop all threats against them.

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