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Artist Quajay Donnell gave his son a driving Christmas present

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We do remarkable things for the children we care about in our lives. As parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, we’re going to go to great lengths — especially during the holidays — in the name of love and happiness, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There was one Christmas, I found myself climbing the warehouse rack in the toy section of a Walmart. You might wonder why I would do something so reckless and dangerous. Because nestled at the top was a kitchen from Dora the Explorer. For my daughter, this was the most important thing on her list.

I had searched everywhere for weeks and kept finding emptiness. When I spotted him, I had no way of finding an associate to help me because I couldn’t take my eyes off him and risk not having him under the Christmas tree. Once in my hands, I slung it over my shoulder as I didn’t even want to risk losing it in a crowd to another impatient customer while fetching a shopping cart. I hauled this large box awkwardly through the store, struggling to get to a checkout because, to me, that’s what Santa should do.

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