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A guide to commenting on thirst in 2022

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Of “Flea bag era” to “flop era”, 2022 was a year of epochs. But none left a bigger mark than Not good actor Dylan O’Brien. The actor upped the ante and shook us out of our sad girl stupor by tweeting two words, “slut era.”

His tweet ushered in an exciting state of mind for all who came in contact with his powerful lyrics. However, even if we wanted to embrace our bitch eras, we often failed. This disconnect between expectations and reality has led to a meme where Twitter users declared the era of sluts, followed by something obviously unslutty like, see again Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or check if your crush has seen your story.

But there was one area where we constantly challenged O’Brien: the thirst for commentary.

To be horny on the main has been widely accepted since at least 2018 and the thirst-tweeting economy has only become progressively more competitive. By 2019, violence has become the common way to express your attraction (“step on my neck”, “run over me with a bus”, break my back like a glow stick”) Although this level of aggression remains basic of the genre, we’ve evolved to heights of excitement that involve self-inflicted pain and the stench of despair. These days, in order to express even a modicum of excitement, a flair for drama is a must.

Here are some of the main vocabularies and expressions used to express thirst in 2022. You will notice that it looks identical to the middle section of a sexy person’s TikTok comments.

little girl

“He’s so babygirl” is the new submissive and breeder, A phrase used to describe when a man is so attractive you want to support him that has become common in 2021. Babygirl is a term of endearment for when a man is cute, comfortable in his masculinity, or low d in an evocative way. Women picked up babygirl and used it as an adjective to infantilize grown men.


Once upon a time barking or woofing on the The Internet has been used to denounce racism. Now you might bark or snort at the responses of someone you feel strong, animal attraction for.


Like babygirl, the boyfriend has been used in stimulating and invigorating ways this year. Boyfriend was a job description and an adjective. “He’s such a boyfriend here” is a tried-and-true response to an image or video that stokes “we’re dating” delusions.

Don’t ask me the color of anything

This saying has become a popular TikTok comment at the end of last year and is still holding up. It is used when horny tunnel vision kicks in and you can only focus on the person in question…or even their specific body part.

I am sitting

I’m sitting, which implies deference to someone’s erotic gravity. In May, an extract from the island of love season 3 has gone viral where olivia tells chris she’s done with the conversation. Chris replies, “Sit down.” To which Olivia responds, “I’m sitting.” In the more than 138,000 videos on TikTok, the snippet is used to unequivocally express who you would obey by posting their photo when Chris says “sit down.” Users shortened the sound clip to use as a commentary.

I just fell to my knees (in a Walmart)

It is no longer enough to say that you are bad. In 2022, we have become descriptive and we have become specific. “I just fell to my knees in a Walmart” is for when you’re so overwhelmed with desire that the horny language of textbooks couldn’t even begin to describe what you’re going through. The statement encapsulates the theatrics and madness that a good thirst trap stirs and is part of a type of saying that is taking over the internet.

Synonyms include “Bite my arm“,”Fall apart as we speak“,”just broke down“,”I have to focus on my breathing to calm myself down“,”Knees shake, eyes roll, toes curl“,”Changed the trajectory of my life“,”Bite the fist“,”Gonna pass out“,”I feel dizzy“,”i can’t do this now“,”I’m sick,“”Lord, I’m not your strongest soldier“,”Punching“,”Bang my head against the wall“,”Sliding the wall dramatically“,”Dangerously horny“,”To help“,”I’m sick“,” The list can go on.

I just moaned out loud

You get the essentials.

We can’t mention “just moaned out loud”, without acknowledging her older sister.I didn’t mean to moan like that, my bad,” a turn of phrase popularized by a beloved reaction meme. The meme in question of course, being a car selfie of internet comedian, Casey Frey, overlaid with “I didn’t mean to moan like that, my bad” in blue text. Both expressions reflect a lack of control in response to a stimulus.

Kicking my feet and laughing

So dizzy you can even twirl your hair too.

Yes sir

A defining highlight of the year was the release of the bear to Hulu this summer. In it, artfully tattooed Jeremy Allen White portrays Carmy, a stressed-out gourmet chef who inherited his late brother’s sandwich shop…in a tight white tee. Carmy is visually the perfect asshole And it woke up something in many viewers, so much so that some dubbed the summer of 2022 “hot line cook summer.” And maybe the sexiest part of the show was the intensity with whom he ran the sandwich shop and managed his staff to which they all replied “yes, chef”. Excited observers were desperate to receive these orders, forever altering the connotation of this phrase (and responses to Allen White’s Twitter images).


Sometimes it’s more powerful to leave some things to the (dirty) imagination of the internet. i want her [redacted] and [redacted] until she [redacted]”,” does exactly that. [Redacted] is just one example of this foolproof method of thirst tweeting. The approach makes what is not said so strong.

Synonyms include “*****“,”If I speak-“,”a lot to think about“,”i could say something“,”Listen“,”It’s better not to awaken anything in me“,” and “The things that I would let them do to me.”


With one simple word, you can declare that you would bang, no questions asked.

Like most things, the smash has been reintroduced into the internet’s horny lexicon thanks to a TikTok sound. In December last year, users @qezzg and @fizag01 post a video using a Peppa Pig character filter. He landed on Peppa Pig and one of them said “smash”. The other replied, “Suzie!” To which she replied, “Wait, what was the game? Smash or pass?” With over 39,000+ videos, it’s become a go-to sound to use in response to any photo or video where you’re so overwhelmed with your attraction that you can’t focus on anything else. And when you’re too lazy to make an entire video about your interests, a smashing commentary will do.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us, we are constantly reaching new heights of excitement!

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