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10 Scariest Marvel Comics Pets

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Across different dimensions, galaxies, and planets, all manner of animals and creatures have appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics. Many of them have become pets for various Marvel characters, and while they’re all likable in their own right, many possess creepy qualities.

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Whether it’s their sharp fangs, intimidating size, or even their vicious nature, many Marvel pets would scare just about anyone. One thing is certain, many citizens of Marvel are happy that these animals are owned by capable heroes who can rule them if need be.

10/10 Redwing is Captain America’s partner

Falcon, Sam Wilson and his partner Redwing

The red wing is the loyal partner of Sam Wilson, formerly the Falcon, and now Captain America. Due to Red Skull’s manipulation of the Cosmic Cube, a telepathic bond was formed between Redwing and Wilson. The two have used this bond to coordinate their attacks when fighting crime over the decades.

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Along with being a capable aerial threat, Redwing was also bitten by the vampire Baron Blood while on a mission. He gained vampire powers, including increased strength, speed, and regeneration, but without the usual vampire weakness.

9/10 Lockjaw is fundamentally inhuman royalty

Lockjaw woofing next to Medusa after teleporting

Lockjaw is the pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, and a close companion of Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans. Like the rest of the Inhumans, Lockjaw is the result of genetic experimentation by the Kree, and he was born with the ability to teleport.

Lockjaw is an incredibly powerful threat. Not only can he teleport, but he can teleport up to a ton of extra mass (about a dozen people) with him. An elite tracker, Lockjaw can track his target’s mental energies. Due to its size and genetics, Lockjaw can also carry up to 3,600 pounds on its back.

8/10 Lockheed is much more dangerous than it seems

Kitty Pryde in her Shadowcat costume with Lockheed the Dragon

Lockheed is Kate Pryde’s loyal friend and partner, and has been with her since Lockheed first appeared in Weird X-Men #166 by Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, Bob Wiacek, Glynis Wein and Tom Orzechowski. A member of a highly intelligent alien species, Lockheed was celebrated as a powerful and accomplished warrior and fighter among his kind.

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Although he may look like a friendly dragon, Lockheed is incredibly dangerous. Impressively intelligent and able to understand any language across the galaxy, Lockheed can also breathe fire and use various types of alien technology. He even worked for SWORD for a while.

7/10 Zabu may have a soft side, but he’s terrifying

Ka-Zar soaks up his surroundings in the jungle

Zabu is a Smilodon, a saber-toothed tiger who has lived for decades in the Savage Land, the prehistoric island forgotten by man. Zabu is usually seen accompanying Ka-Zar and his wife Shanna. The trio have been fighting side by side for years.

Zabu possesses a keen sense of smell, remarkable hearing, and night vision, in addition to having retractable claws and razor-sharp teeth. Recently, Zabu was temporarily imbued with a portion of the Phoenix Force, further increasing his strength and ferocity.

6/10 Throg is a force to be reckoned with

Throg throws a tantrum, jumping in rage.

While it might be a stretch to consider him a pet, there aren’t many other names that can describe Throg. A man turned frog deemed worthy, he was endowed with the powers of Thorand even given her own enchanted hammer, Frogjolnir.

Throg is incredibly strong, compared to other frogs and even humans. He has withstood many foes, having fought alongside the Asgardians of the Galaxy in Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. War of the Kingdoms. Throg even stood up to Donald Blake, Thor’s alter ego who slew the Midgard Serpent and took its power.

5/10 Jonathan the Wolverine is adorable but scary

Jonathan the Unstoppable Wolverine Marvel

Jonathan is Gabby’s pet wolverine, the youngest member of the Wolverine family. Jonathan was rescued from a lab by Squirrel Girl, who then brought him to Laura Kinney’s residence, where he immediately took a liking to his sister, Gabby. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Although he’s been shown to be very friendly, Jonathan is still incredibly dangerous and strong, despite his size. Jonathan withstood many of the threats Laura and Gabby faced and lent her hand on several occasions.

4/10 Chewie is an alien threat

Captain Marvel #42 Chewie Comfort Kit

Chewie was the name chosen by Carol Danvers for what she thought was just a house cat, before realizing that she had in fact adopted a flerken, a dangerous cat-like alien species. Although Carol initially attempted to leave Chewie at a rescue center on another planet, Chewie teleported to Carol’s house, refusing to part with her.

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Although he looks like a sweet and lovable cat, Chewie is actually an incredibly dangerous and terrifying pet. It is assumed that flerken have access to pocket dimensions, which they can use to teleport. They can also use said pocket dimension to access fang mouths, tentacles, and other dangerous assets.

3/10 The devil dinosaur is known as a devil beast

MoonGirl and DevilDinosaur in Marvel Comics

Devil Dinosaur is a giant dinosaur from the “Dinosaur World” of Earth-78411, a primeval reality from the past. teamed up with Moon Boy, the two had many adventures before Moon Boy’s death, and Devil Dinosaur formed an unlikely partnership with Moon Girl, usually Lunella Lafayette.

A hulking “Devil-Beast” mutant, Devil Dinosaur is also incredibly intelligent, which makes him even more terrifying. He faced the Hulk, the Killer-Folk and many more, still able to hold his own.

2/10 Old Lace is both smart and vicious

Wonder of old lace runaways

Old Lace is the pet dinosaur belonging to the Runaways, the Los Angeles-based teenage superhero team. Genetically modified and created in the 87th century, Old Lace was brought back to the 21st century by the Yorkes family to protect their daughter, Gertrude Yorkes.

A savage dinosaur with all the strength, speed and agility of a velociraptor, Old Lace is terrifying. She also has a telepathic link and empathic understanding with Gert Yorkes, allowing Old Lace to feel all the emotions that Gert also feels.

1/10 Thori is a literal Hellhound

Thori, the Hel-Hound, which belonged to Thor, Loki and Angela

Thori was one of seven puppies born to Garm and the Hel-Wolf, and was given to the Asgardian god Loki as a Christmas present. However, Thori would eventually betray Loki and join Angela, Loki’s sister.

Because he is a Hel-Hound, Thori is capable of a variety of powers, including pyrokinesis, enhanced speed, and interstellar flight. Thori can also track other beings across dimensional planes and is extremely aggressive, making him terrifying in any battle. Also, the fact that Thori could communicate would knock any opponent out of his game.

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